Call Me Lucifer -Part Four- Postmortem

Tuesday, November 30, 2016
I think it’s safe to say Jake and I have a fond interest in musicals. So the idea to make Call Me Lucifer – Part Four a musical was a no-brainer. Burbank seems a perfect place for the town’s ambassador to break out in song at any moment. It also balances nicely against the curmudgeon Puritanical Values Man, who had just ousted Alec unceremoniously from NoHo in CML3.

Production was originally planned to be split between live on location and green screen. But it just so happens that a tiny camera (the Sony NEX-5r to be exact) and a group of people who function like a well-oiled machine are pretty much your ticket to filming anywhere you like!

And add in the unmistakeable sounds of musical production, you get no guff from passersby or lookie-loos. Once you hit playback on the audio track, all questions are immediately answered. We also felt relatively bulletproof because this was a musical specifically about the very town we were galavanting through.

It was awesome. Filming in the median went hyper-smooth because Jake lives close enough for a few rehearsals inside, a quick walk, and then eight nearly-identical takes in a hectic median.

The IKEA construction site was originally planned to be green screen. We ended up finding a quiet nook right along side, which almost exactly fits where DW would’ve taken Alec to safely show off the construction site. Also fun fact about that new IKEA, it truly is the world’s largest. Oh Burbank…

The brewery exchange was originally slated to be green screen. But we nailed it so fast that we were wrapped before the waitress rounded back asking if everything was “alright.”

In the end, musical production feels to be a less hectic, more structured form of production and the soft spot in my heart for musicals grows ever more.

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