So, what do we call this thing?

The Development Process
of Call Me Lucifer Parts One & Two


Since Jake will be playing one of the main news subjects this year, we decided to pull Alec from behind the desk. Instead of a jarring switch on the season two premiere, we figured we’d create a miniseries to run alongside season two of The NoHo Rag.

This, of course, has led to confusion on what constitutes season two and when exactly it starts (or started). This confusion only got worse after we released two parts of Call Me Lucifer before the season premiere of The NoHo Rag.

From our perspective, it feels entirely worth it to have a small amount of confusion right now, because the Rag is in for a pretty large transformation. Two new anchors. Scenes off-air. We’re basically giving the Rag a Larry Sanders element.

Part One – So, it’s a trailer, right?

AntiAlec-Logo-WHITEbackYeah, Call Me Lucifer – Part One is a trailer. It’s a trailer for season two, while also giving the bulk of exposition and defining narrative element that we need to have the audience understand at the outset: Alec is out at The NoHo Rag.

This is where Call Me Lucifer comes in.

The NoHo Rag will focus primarily on it’s own pressing issues. Alec, on the other hand, is now lost and he needs to find his own way forward. Since both are happening concurrently, we feel it’s best to let this split force each storyline in its own direction, without requiring any ham-fisted scene transitions in any one given episode.

Part Two – Yeah, but is it funny?

CallMeLucifer-PartTwo-TitleCardSince we kept the first part of Call Me Lucifer lighter in tone, it felt time to present Alec with his own vulnerability. To do that, we needed something serious to rock Alec’s understanding of the world and his role in it.

As revealed in part one, Alec was fired. But in part two, we get to feel that event with him. There’s a certain kind of pain inflicted when you realize your work ultimately means nothing. Alec had never had to feel that pain since this news program was passed down through the generations of Reidels, starting with his great grandfather and the old news reels that were shown before movies. Alec was safe to think and say whatever came to mind, until now.

His longtime producer, Bob, loves The NoHo Rag. But Bob is also getting older and the stress of an errant FCC violation is something he’d rather avoid. When Alec decided to give his epic 16-minute rant, he did so without approval or notice. You’ll see throughout the season that Alec laid out a cogent argument against society’s infantile ability to process reality. But, his decision to use nudity grabbed national attention and accrued the show a costly fine, which forced Bob’s hand.

Alec is now hated and silenced. Time for him to get to work.

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