The NoHo Rag -201- Postmortem

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Man, there was a feeling after releasing Call Me Lucifer Part 2 (CML2) and before releasing The NoHo Rag 201 (TNR 201) where I felt that last shot was a mistake. Leaving just Dane and Kelly Mae’s backsides to the camera as the lingering image was a gamble.

We actually wrote and shot a line between the two but ended up cutting it. But once TNR 201 came out it felt nice and cohesive when viewed back-to-back.

Monday, June 6, 2016
Ah, the pussy cookies. We actually had these cookies on hand for the first season pervy Santa episode but already had the episode planned out. So I threw the box of cookies in a closet and waited a year.

So here is the quick story on how I came to think these cookies look like hairy vaginas:

My mom sends Harry & David baskets for just about any event. Christmas, no different, and these cookies were included in that basket. I’m told these cookies look like walnuts. Sure, fine. Them walnuts also look like vaginas with three-weeks worth of growth.

So by fortuitous luck, we crafted a character like Dane Argyle who ALSO thinks these look like pussy cookies. And lo, half of our season premiere took shape.

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